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Поет песню: "Новое утро" на ТВК

Название песни: Заставка (Coldplay - Clock)

Сколько слушать песню: 05:05

Добавили в песенник: 2017-06-17

Песню послушали: 288


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Текст песни:

Lights go out and I can't be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
Put me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg and plead
Singing come out of things unsaid
Shoot an apple off my head
And trouble that can't be named
Tigers waiting to be tamed

Singing you are...
You are...

Confusion that never stops
Closing walls and ticking clocks
Gonna come back and take you home
I could not stop but you now know
Singing come out upon my seas
Curse missed opportunities
Am I a part of the cure
Or am I part of the disease

Singing you are...
You are...
You are...
You are...

And nothing else compares...

Home, home
Where I wanted to go...

Coldplay Meets MSTRKRFT & John Legend
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