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Поет песню: Pillar

Название песни: Wherever The Wind Blows

Сколько слушать песню: 04:12

Добавили в песенник: 2017-04-16

Песню послушали: 306


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Текст песни:

I hear a voice in the autumn breeze
Telling me that I need to leave
But I can't fly with these broken wings

The leaves they move like poetry
Its all still such a mystery
But I can finally hear the melody

I've been here for so long
I think its time I moved on
So tell me where it is that I need to be

Where ever the wind blows
You will find me there
Standing exactly where I wanna be

Wasting time here is killing me
Waiting here for the remedy
So I can hear the sound of angels sing

I need something to carry me
To a place that I've never seen
'Cause right here I've seen all there is to see

I've been waiting, waiting for the day
So can you carry me away
You elevate me
How far can you take me carry me away

Pillar - Wherever the Wind Blows (live)
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